Updated: 30/04/2012
Re-design of Lifestyle Floors Brochure and Order Form. The brochure has been re-designed for presenting on an iPad.
Updated: 28/10/2011
I'm very proud to announce the launch of our second phase of the holdsworth creative website, our portfolio is now on-line for all to see. It seems to have taken months collating all the information and images. We hope you like what you see.
Updated: 19/10/2011
Jules Restaurant website goes live today, lovely clean design with full content management and great imagery. The restaurant is in Weobley Herefordshire and well worth a visit if your in the area, the food is amazing and the atmosphere is welcoming, homely and laid back.
Updated: 29/06/2011
We are really excited to announce the launch of the new Cuadros Art Gallery website which has gone live today.

The site now features full ecommerce and a clean, salubrious design, mirroring the serene atmosphere inside the Cuadros Gallery itself.

Although we loved the old Cuadros website, the client wants to keep updating the site on a regular basis and the updates to the site now reflect the growth and evolution of the gallery. 
Updated: 25/03/2011
 Decorators Nottingham website goes live today
Wednesday 24 January
‘Nick’s positive attitude and flawless work make for a great client experience. Projects are handled thoroughly, in a timely fashion and with style. Highly recommended.’
Kate Valbracht
Content Coordinator, Sunspel